Die Cutting Capabilities

Accu-Shape Die Cutting has a variety of machines that are used to cut many different materials. Our machines are able to cut wide width materials using high tonnage allowing us to produce high quality products at a faster rate than our competitors.

Die Cutting Capabilities

Accu-Shape Die Cutting is able to cut material from a wide variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses. Our machines also vary in pressure with a maximum pressure of one million pounds!

Minimum Thickness: .005″ (Rigids)

Maximum Thickness: 2.00″ (Foam)

Length: 75″

Width: 80″

 Die Cutting Methods

When it comes to production nothing beats the accuracy of die cutting. Accu-shape Die Cutting uses many different methods including:

  • Steel Rule Dies
  • Kissing Cutting
  • Compound Dies
  • Rotary Die Cutting
  • High Speed Cutting
  • Slitting

 Quality Policy

  • Meet all defined customer requirements in an effective manner, and strive to continually improve performance and further satisfy the customer.
  • Increase customer satisfaction through minimization of customer concerns, on-time completion of production part submissions, and successful product launches.
  • Increase productivity through efficient utilization of resources and reduction of waste.
  • 100% on-time shipments to customers.
  • AccuShape Die Cutting Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and a Minority Owned Corporation

Die Cutting Equipment

500 Ton Bruno Belt Die Cut Feed Press

This 500 Ton Bruno Belt Feed Press (or 1 million pounds of cutting pressure) is capable of cutting parts as large as 80” x 75”. These presses are used to cut heavy duty material at a fast rate.

Die Cutting Equipment

350 Ton Bruno Belt Die Cut Feed Press

Our 350 Ton Bruno Belt Feed Press is capable of cutting parts as large as 72” x 60”. BRUNO presses are manufactured with all steel fabrication that are stress-relieved.

Die Cutting Equipment

110 Ton Atom Belt Die Cut Feed Press

The 110 Ton Atom Belt Feed Press is capable of cutting parts as large as 77” x 52”. This machine is also capable of 20 cycles per minute.

Die Cutting Equipment

2-60 Ton Platen Die Cutters

The Platen Die Cutters offers a very accurate cut providing better quality of products than your traditional cutting method.Kiss Cut Parts is a specialty.

Die Cutting Equipment

45 Ton Komatsu Punch Press

The Komatsu Punch Press is ideal for progressive, transfer or manual die cutting operations. This press can use open bolster tools to strip

Die Cutting Equipment

2 Stage Rotary Press

A rotary press is capable of providing both die cut and
kiss cut parts.  Kiss cut parts can be provided in rolls of “ready to use”

Die Cutting Equipment

Preco 12” x 20“x 20 Ton High Speed Die Cutter

Preco machines can die cut or kiss cut as
needed.  It can provide individual parts or rolls of parts as customer

Die Cutting Equipment15 Ton Freeman Schwabe Traveling Head Press

Side die loading is a unique option with this design while providing fast die changeover. Thicker parts can be converted in this press.

Die Cutting EquipmentF.E.B.A. Mandrel Slitter

The slitting carriage is positioned on precision ground linear bearings, providing low friction travel & optimum accuracy. Proportional blade penetration speed & transversal displacement via brushless servo motors allow for precise slitting tolerances & improved finished quality.

Die Cutting Equipment

Schneider Senator Die Cutter

The Schneider Cutter combines flawless precision with great reliability. These cutters are often used for paper cutting and foam cutting.

Die Cutting Equipment

Ttarp Laminator

Ttarp designs and manufactures 60″ heat laminating systems to laminate, slit and rewind heat-activated or cold-bonding adhesive products.

Die Cutting Equipment

100”L x 50”W x 48”H Esco Foam Saw

The control panel features an interactive operator screen that allows simple entry of required sheet quantity and thickness, as well as downloading of preconfigured cut sequences.


Accu-shape Die Cutting has many value added services that are available for you to use. We will take consigned materials to convert. We can manage your inventory and release blanket purchase orders. Our shipping times are very quick with just in time delivery. We offer vendor managed inventory meaning that we will always have the material you need for production. We do offer protoyping services to ensure that your products will work for what you need. We can also provide kitting of customer supplied

Die Cutting Products

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