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In Today’s competitive market, Accu-Shape Die Cutting's responsive service and customer support is our top priority. At Accu-Shape Die Cutting, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to meet our customer’s needs. We work with our customer to cut costs and improve your bottom line.

Whether you have applications that are simple or complex, hard or soft, thick or thin, with or without adhesive backings, Accu-Shape Die Cutting has the technology and the capabilities to produce the highest quality die-cut parts from a wide variety of non-metallic and non-hazardous materials to meet their application’s performance requirements.

Accu-Shape Die Cutting can die cut any non-metallic material that is non-hazardous. Unlike other die cutters, Accu-Shape Die Cutting readily accepts consigned materials from vendors and customers. Furthermore, Accu-Shape Die Cutting can provide lamination, packaging, prototype, and commercial parts as well. Parts we have manufactured include but are not limited to international shipping containers, green house display stands, product dividers, pet doors, indoor golf putting greens, washers, and various BSR (buzz, squeak, and rattle) automotive parts.

Accu-Shape Die Cutting's variety of materials used in die cutting creates additional capability to do a wide variety of value added steps to our die cut products, along with our other capabilities such as heat sealing, lamination and slitting.

Accu-Shape Die Cutting is one of Michigan’s most diverse die cutters because we can cut anything non-metallic and non-hazardous.

Accu-Shape Mission Statement

Quality Policy

The management of Accu-Shape Die Cutting Inc. is committed to meeting customer expectations through successful execution of the quality management system, with customer satisfaction and continual improvement as our primary goals.

Quality Policy Objectives

  • Meet all defined customer requirements in an effective manner, and strive to continually improve performance and further satisfy the customer.
  • Increase customer satisfaction through minimization of customer concerns, on-time completion of production part submissions, and successful product launches.
  • Increase productivity through efficient utilization of resources and reduction of waste.
  • 100% on-time shipments to customers.
  • Strive to meet or exceed Statutory and Regulatory requirements.
  • Accu-Shape Die Cutting, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and Minority Owned

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