ASTM F104 Gaskets

Accu-Shape Die Cutting is capable of producing nonmetallic gaskets that adhere to ASTM F104 standards. Our variety of steel rule die cut presses operate with speed and precision to produce the highest quality gaskets available. By utilizing our many steel rule presses, Accu-Shape can produce volumes ranging from small runs to large-scale production runs. In addition to die cut presses, Accu-Shape can also apply laminate and pressure sensitive adhesive to gaskets.


Materials & Capabilities
Materials  Steel Rule Die Cutting  Compound Dies  Rotary Die Cutting Rotary Press Die Cutting  High Speed Cutting  Slitting  Matched Metal Die Cutting
Cardboard/Fiberboard x x x x x x x
Adhesive-Backed x x x x x x x
Rubber x x x x x x x
Non-Wovens x x x x x x x
Plastic x x x x x x x
Cloth/Textiles x x x x x x x
Fabrics x x x x x x x
Accu-Shape Die Cutting

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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