Accu-Shape Die Cutting Transforms Pet Door Market: Crafting Energy Efficient, Durable Solutions in Partnership with Access Magnetics

Accu-Shape Die Cutting Revolutionizes Planter Production: Delivering Precise, Cost-effective Solutions for a Leading Manufacturer
July 19, 2023

Accu-Shape Die Cutting Transforms Pet Door Market: Crafting Energy Efficient, Durable Solutions in Partnership with Access Magnetics

Industry: Pet Doors
Processes: Die Cutting
Category: Contract Die Cutting

Summary: In an inventive collaboration, Accu-Shape Die Cutting and Access Magnetics have revolutionized pet door manufacturing by combining Accu-Shape’s precision die-cutting expertise with Access Magnetics’ unique requirements. Access Magnetics aimed to create an energy-efficient pet door that could keep out pests and external elements while ensuring ease of use for pets. Accu-Shape assisted in this endeavour by accurately die-cutting soft materials, including proprietary DoubleMag Technology seals, which are integral to achieving an airtight seal. The result is an energy-efficient, durable, and convenient pet door, further solidifying Accu-Shape’s position as a leading die cut parts manufacturer. This project underscores Accu-Shape’s dedication to precision and quality in manufacturing solutions.

In an innovative partnership, Accu-Shape Die Cutting combined expertise with Access Magnetics to revolutionize the world of pet doors. Our collaboration led to a project that harnessed our specialty in precise die-cutting to meet Access Magnetics’ unique requirements.

Access Magnetics faced challenges in crafting pet doors that required an airtight seal while being easy to use for pets. The company’s objective was to develop an energy-efficient door that would also prevent pests and external weather elements from entering homes, yet accommodating the convenience of our furry friends. This was no small feat, given that the product had to be designed to withstand the daily wear and tear from large dogs and multi-pet households.

Leveraging our ISO certified proficiency in die-cutting, we worked closely with Access Magnetics to engineer a solution. Our team contributed by die-cutting the soft materials to the perfect dimensions for Access Magnetics’ magnetic pet doors. A crucial part of these doors was the integration of the proprietary DoubleMag Technology seals. These seals had to be meticulously designed and cut to provide an airtight seal.

The result of our collaboration was outstanding. The pet doors are not only energy efficient but also made from premium materials that promise longevity and durability. The doors, with the incorporated DoubleMag seals, successfully keep the outside air and pests at bay while still permitting pets to enter and exit with ease.

This partnership has indeed cemented our position as a leading manufacturer of die cut parts, particularly in non-metallic materials. We are proud to have contributed to a project that combines energy efficiency and convenience for pet owners around the world. The success of these pet doors attests to our dedication, precision, and commitment to quality.

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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