Accu-Shape Die Cutting Delivers Under Pressure: Preventing a Production Shutdown at Chrysler with Rapid Response and Expertise

Accu-Shape Die Cutting Leverages Cross-Laminating: Maximizing Yield and Reducing Waste for Enhanced Efficiency
July 19, 2023

Accu-Shape Die Cutting Delivers Under Pressure: Preventing a Production Shutdown at Chrysler with Rapid Response and Expertise

Industry: Automotive
Processes: Tooling, die cutting, inspection
Category: Urgent Expedited Production

Summary: Accu-Shape Die Cutting efficiently tackled a critical project for the new Jeep Wrangler at Chrysler, producing parts within a tight 24-hour deadline to prevent production shutdown. Their prompt action and quality products led to an extension of their engagement from two weeks to seven, preventing significant financial losses for the client. This achievement underlines Accu-Shape’s commitment to fast, effective solutions under pressure and reinforces their reputation as a reliable, agile manufacturing partner.

Accu-Shape Die Cutting, an ISO-certified leader in non-metallic die cut parts manufacturing, demonstrated its exceptional agility and responsiveness in a mission-critical project involving the new Jeep Wrangler for Chrysler.

The challenge presented to us came from a large multinational die-cutting business. They needed parts for the new Jeep Wrangler, but the final design wouldn’t be ready until Thursday morning of that week, and the parts were required at Chrysler by Friday. The customer’s internal line lacked the capacity to produce parts at the necessary speed. The looming threat was a potential shutdown of the production line at Chrysler, resulting in significant financial and operational setbacks.

In response to this urgent request, Accu-Shape sprang into action. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge and flexibility in manufacturing, we rapidly produced the tooling, fabricated the parts, conducted inspections, packaged, and shipped the parts to Chrysler – all within a single day. This quick turnaround time enabled Chrysler to continue their production without any costly interruptions.

The customer was extremely satisfied with our prompt response and the quality of our products, leading to an extension of the program from two weeks to seven. The successful resolution of this issue demonstrates Accu-Shape’s ability to rapidly implement unique manufacturing techniques and deliver high-quality products under tight deadlines.

The quantifiable benefits of our intervention were manifold. By preventing a production shutdown at Chrysler, we helped our customer avoid substantial financial losses and maintain their production schedule. Moreover, the extension of the program affirmed the customer’s trust in our capabilities and solidified our relationship.

This accomplishment underscores Accu-Shape’s dedication to providing swift, efficient solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations, even in high-pressure scenarios.

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