Accu-Shape Die Cutting Leverages Cross-Laminating: Maximizing Yield and Reducing Waste for Enhanced Efficiency

Industry: Die Cutting
Processes: Cross-Laminating
Category: Adhesive Laminating

Summary: Accu-Shape Die Cutting, a recognized ISO-certified manufacturer, stands out with its innovative cross-laminating technique in adhesive laminating. This method ensures full utilization of all raw materials, contrary to the industry norm, which leads to waste due to misaligned material sizes. The advantages of cross-laminating include zero waste, significant cost savings, and expedited production timelines, providing customers with higher yield and faster delivery. By significantly reducing waste, Accu-Shape demonstrates its commitment to efficient, sustainable practices, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility.

Accu-Shape Die Cutting, a renowned ISO-certified die cut parts manufacturer, is known for its innovative methods to ensure efficient material usage and waste reduction. One such method that sets us apart is our unique approach to adhesive laminating – the process of cross-laminating.

In adhesive laminating, materials often come in different sizes. For instance, foam may be 54 inches wide, whereas the adhesive could be 60 inches or 48 inches wide. The standard industry practice is to cut the foam or adhesive to align the raw material sizes, which leads to low material yield and unnecessary waste. This is not just a drain on resources, but also a time-consuming process.

At Accu-Shape, we’ve adopted a more efficient technique known as cross-laminating. In this process, the sheets are aligned in several steps, allowing us to utilize all the raw materials fully, thereby achieving zero waste. Where our competition might discard six inches of material, we process an additional six inches worth of product. This not only saves resources but also valuable time and money.

The cross-laminating method presents substantial advantages. Our customers benefit from increased yield, cost savings, and more efficient production timelines, as we optimize the use of all raw materials. Quantifiably, this process cuts down waste significantly, thereby reducing environmental impact, while also delivering more product from the same amount of material.

Accu-Shape Die Cutting’s commitment to efficiency and waste reduction is testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. We pride ourselves in creating innovative solutions that generate value and uphold sustainable practices.

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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