Accu-shape Die Cutting: Understanding the Steel Rule Die

As explained by About Mechanics in their article on “What Is a Steel Rule Die,” a steel rule die is a versatile die-cutting tool used to cut, perforate, or score various materials. It consists of a thin steel strip embedded into a flat, rigid base, mimicking the shape of the desired end product. The protruding steel strip’s edge can be sharpened for clean cut-outs, intermittently sharpened for perforations, or rounded for scoring materials. The complete die is then pressed onto the material in a press to complete the die-cut cycle.

Die cutting is a process where a shaped cutting device is pressed into a material to cut out specific shapes. Similar to using a cookie cutter on dough, a steel rule die works in the same way to cut shapes from materials like rubber, vinyl, and paper.

To create a steel rule die, a strong substrate like wood laminate or aluminum is cut with a narrow slot in the shape of the final product. A flexible steel strip is placed in the slot, allowing for intricate and complex shapes to be cut.

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Accu-Shape Die Cutting

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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