Accushape Die Cutting Demystifies Die Cutting: A Fast 5 Facts Overview

Presenting an enlightening exploration, unpacks the intriguing facets of die cutting based on insights from the article “Fast 5 Facts: Die Cutting” on JohnsByrne’s blog. This post-process finish holds the power to transform packaging and print pieces with intricately crafted cutouts, ranging from elegantly simple to breathtakingly intricate.

Die cutting serves as a stage for materializing unique shapes, letters, and designs, amplifying the three-dimensional essence of the piece and accentuating the substrate’s distinct character. 

Fast 5 Facts on Die Cutting:

  • The Essence of the Die: A “die” encompasses cutting and creasing rules, along with ejection rubber, playing a pivotal role in the die-cutting process. The cutting rule masterfully slices through materials with precision, while the creasing rule crafts gentle bending areas. Ejection rubber secures the sheet during cutting and expels the paperboard blanks from the cutting die. Intriguingly, a die can incorporate additional features, like embossing, for a multifaceted in-line operation.
  • Die Cutting’s Versatility: Die cutting emerges as a versatile technique, accommodating various materials, from paperboard and plastic to foil board, corrugated fiberboard, and foams. These materials navigate through a press to reach a flatbed die cutting station, where the die’s expert maneuvering gives rise to shapes, perforations, creases, and even the division of sheets into smaller components.
  • Crafting Distinct Designs: the designers harness die cutting’s precision to realize distinct effects in their print or packaging endeavors. Die cutting’s canvas accommodates common shapes and folding carton packaging styles, including:

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Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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