Accushape Die Cutting Enhances Automotive Innovation with Polyurethane

According to the insights shared in the article “5 Ways Polyurethane Is Used in the Automotive Industry” on Connect2Local, polyurethane, a versatile plastic polymer, finds its way into a vast range of industrial and consumer products. With qualities like tear resistance, flexibility, and abrasion resistance, polyurethane is gaining momentum across industries.

The automotive industry benefits immensely from various forms of polyurethanes, including rigid clear and hi-temp resins, foams, and adhesives. For prototypes and initial parts, the automotive sector leverages thermoset polyurethanes due to their exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, reduced weight, and resistance to heat and ultraviolet radiation.

Here are some significant ways polyurethane plays a vital role in the automotive landscape:

  • Air Intake Systems: Polyurethanes tough enough for high-heat, under-hood applications significantly enhance air intake systems. By facilitating clean and uninterrupted airflow into the engine, Accushape Die Cutting’s use of Roto-casted heat and impact-resistant polyurethane boosts the air flow performance of the intake tube system.
  • Auto Lenses: The automotive industry requires utmost clarity in auto lenses, which is precisely what water-clear polyurethanes provide. Rigid clear casting resins, designed for both toughness and tintability, stand resilient against outdoor conditions due to UV exposure.
  • Hood Ornaments: Accushape Die Cutting relies on rigid casting polyurethanes to mimic various thermoplastic products, making them ideal for casting hood ornaments during prototyping and production.
  • Rubber Trim: The automotive world benefits from polyurethane elastomers that create durable gaskets, seals, and trim. Accushape Die Cutting capitalizes on the ease of molding these materials, combined with polyurethane’s strength and durability, to cater to the automotive industry’s diverse needs.
  • Seat Cushions: Accushape Die Cutting’s utilization of polyurethane foams results in long-lasting automotive seat cushions. These foams maintain their firmness, shape, and resiliency, even with heavy use, making them a staple for various automotive components such as armrests, headrests, and seat cushions.

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