Accushape Die Cutting: Explores Blanking Die Fundamentals Mastering Die Construction

In the article “Basics of Die Structure” from Misumi Tech Central. This piece delves into the intricate mechanics of die structure, specifically focusing on the blanking operation and its impact on the final product.

The inverted placement structure, wherein the punch is situated as the bottom die and the die as the top die, serves as a countermeasure against product bending during the blanking process. This arrangement allows the blanked product to enter the die, and the knock out, connected to the pressing machine, facilitates the discharge of the product from the die. The knock out operation coincides with the blanking process, effectively ejecting the product from the die.

This structure mitigates bending during blanking as the material is pressed down by the knock out, reducing the likelihood of the product getting bent. Implementing springs behind the knock out amplifies the effect, ensuring a stronger and more controlled pressure against the material, allowing for efficient product ejection and recovery.

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