Accushape Die Cutting: Exploring the Method of Kiss Cutting

According to IQS Directory’s article on “Kiss Cutting,” kiss cutting is a precise cutting method that involves piercing the upper layers of a material while leaving the back layer intact. The term “kiss” refers to the gentle touch of the blade, which applies enough force to create an impression without cutting through the material’s backside.

Kiss cutting machines employ digital die cutting technology to control the pressure for making the cuts. This process creates a crack and peel surface, making it easy to remove the liner and apply the label or sticker to various surfaces. An example of kiss cutting is a sheet of labels with multiple pieces.

Chapter Two – Types of Kiss Cutting Machines Kiss cutting is especially useful for producing gaskets or pads that can be rolled up for easier handling and insertion into production or assembly processes. The adhesive liner plays a vital role in the process, as it protects the backing from damage when the die shapes the material. Kiss cutting machines come in various types, including rotary die cutting, which involves a cylindrical die mounted on a rotary press to imprint the design on the material.

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