Accushape Die Cutting: Precision in Every Cut Navigating the Advantages of Rotary Die Cutting 

In the article “Advantages of Rotary Die Cutting vs. Flatbed” by Anne-Sophie Dorey on LinkedIn, the debate between rotary and flatbed die cutting processes unfolds. A key player in the industry sheds light on the distinct advantages of rotary die cutting over flatbed methods, offering valuable insights for businesses seeking optimal finishing solutions.

The primary consideration when choosing between rotary and flatbed die cutting is the material thickness. Rotary cutting, while effective, may lead to diagonal cuts on extremely thick materials. However, the company employs servo-based equipment to overcome this challenge, allowing for precise control of speed ratios and tension, resulting in vertical cuts even on thick materials.

Material thickness often dictates whether a job is run on rotary or flatbed equipment. Rotary presses, though efficient, require longer setup times and consume more material during the setup phase. In contrast, flatbed die cutters offer a more streamlined process—load, cut, and stack—minimizing waste in the flatbed environment.

The company’s commitment to precision and efficiency makes them the ideal partner for businesses navigating the nuances of die cutting processes.

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