Accushape Die Cutting: The Power of Precision Steel Rule Dies 

As highlighted in the article “Steel Rule Dies: The Basics” on IQS Directory’s blog. This essential method acts as the cornerstone in the die cutting industry, efficiently producing die-cut shapes used across various industries.

Steel rule dies, resembling a stamp with sharp edges capable of piercing materials, are renowned for creating intricate shapes in multiple sizes and materials. Typically crafted from steel due to its material strength and razor-sharp edges, these dies effectively cut through diverse materials like rubber, plastic, leather, fabric, foam, and softer metals like aluminum. Industries benefiting from this method range from automotive, aerospace, medical, textile, electronics, to printing and packaging, among others. Its ease of integration into mass production lines further amplifies its popularity.

A typical die cutter employing steel rule dies involves a die board with a laid sheet of material, complemented by a rubber layer facilitating the easy removal of the cut product. The application of pressure by the steel rule die varies from manual operation to CNC machines, enabling precision cuts on a mass production scale.

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Accu-Shape Die Cutting

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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