Accushape Die Cutting: Unlocking Efficiency Die Machine Capabilities

As outlined in the article “Capabilities of a Die Cutting Machine” by IQS Directory, die cutting machines offer a myriad of functions crucial for various applications. Leveraging these capabilities, the industry delivers precision and efficiency in manufacturing processes.

One of the primary functions is through cutting, involving full separation of parts by extending the sharp edge of the die through the material’s entire thickness. This method ensures precise cuts through face, adhesive, and backing layers, making it ideal for multi-layered materials.

Additionally, kiss cutting provides a partial cut through the material, forming the perimeter of the finished part without complete separation. This method is used for intricate designs, enabling easy detachment of parts from the stock material.

Perforating is another capability, creating small punched holes in the material for specific applications. This technique enhances flexibility and facilitates tear-off along the perforated lines.

Cut scoring and crease scoring techniques are employed to create partial cuts or indents on the material, aiding in tearing and folding processes, ensuring precision and flexibility in manufacturing various products.

Moreover, advanced capabilities such as broaching and flash cutting are explored. Broaching utilizes dies with multiple teeth to cut thick or rigid materials, while flash cutting employs oscillating knives for accurate and clean cuts without the need for tooling.

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Accu-Shape Die Cutting

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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