Accushape Die Cutting: Utilizing Automotive Shoddy for Cars

As mentioned in Bostik’s blog post on “Automotive Shoddy: Use in Vehicles,” the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry reveals that nonwoven textile materials make up over 10% of a vehicle, finding application in various areas, including carpeting, seating, trunk, and hoodliners.

Automotive shoddy is a nonwoven material created from recycled shredded fibers, such as cotton, that undergo needling and resin treatment. This unique combination provides the material with excellent sound dampening properties and acoustic control. Consequently, automotive shoddy helps manufacturers meet consumer demands for quieter cars, even in lower-end models.

Key Applications for Automotive Shoddy Include:

  • Underlayment of floor carpet systems
  • Hoodliners

Additionally, automotive shoddy can be produced from post-consumer or post-industrial waste, offering environmental benefits such as the absence of volatile organic compounds or off-gassing, increased sustainability, and improved fuel efficiency.

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