Choosing Right: Laser Die Cutting Vs. Rotary Die Cutting

Precision vs. durability? Cost vs. quick run capabilities? In the laser die cutting vs. rotary die cutting smackdown, there are a variety of reasons to choose one over the other – and a whole lot of grey area in between. Let’s take a closer look at what’s right for your die cutting machine.

Before we break down the pros and cons of each option, let’s start out with a qualifier: The die cutting option you choose will depend entirely on the type of project you’re undertaking. And, as you’ll learn, there are cases when both options can be used.

But before we get to that, and an interview with die cutting expert Todd Wood of Delta ModTech, let’s take a look at some definitions of each option.

Laser die cutting involves using a high-speed laser to cut through substrate. Lasers can be used to make a variety of cuts and do not require any contact with the material.

As noted by ESAB, the word “LASER” is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.” You know that lasers are used in all walks of life, but here is a video that shows a laser at work in a converting application:

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