Die Cut Vs. Laser Cut: What Makes the Difference?

Just as the title suggests, one of the processes is manual while the other is digital.

A die cut refers to a cut on a surface or object using a very strong razor called a steel rule. And, a laser cut on the other hand uses an exceptionally strong laser beam to perform same cut.

While the steel rule is guided by hand, the laser beam is guided by use of a computer using a pre-determined path or direction. This is done on the computer screen using software that comes with the laser cutting tool.

There are pros and cons that come with both cutting tools and there are principal factors that highlight these qualities in each of the mentioned tools.

The Main Difference Between Die Cut and Laser Cut
Operating Skills
One is manual and another one is digital. It goes without saying that it is easier to use a die cut as opposed to a laser cut.

It however may not be a hundred percent correct. Let’s explore.

Using a die cut simply involves manually setting a marked pattern on the material to be cut by hand and it is a process you personally carry out and monitor. A laser cut involves the use of technology which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

One needs to have some level of technical literacy first of all to understand the principle behind the tool and secondly how to operate the tool. Lack of sufficient skills and knowledge may easily lead to physical injury if your hand gets in the way of the laser.

It could also lead to defections in the material being cut if the laser is not properly guided.

However, if not keen, the same operation manually could also lead to bad cuts if you do not keep within the indicating line.

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