Die Cutting/Kiss Cutting/Creasing & Perforating

Die Cutting is the process used to cut out shapes that are not possible with a guillotine. Kiss-cutting is commonly used for producing cut labels to shape but leaving the ‘backing material’ uncut. Creasing is used for anything that will require being folded by hand & Perforating would be applied if for instance you wanted to produce a DL Leaflet that has a details form on one page which requires tearing off.

What is it used for? Commonly used for Packaging, Face Masks, Presentation Folders, Die Cut Leaflets, Business Cards & Point of Sale (Shelf Wobblers etc.), but can be applied to many printed items for a stunning effect.

At what point do we do it? The cut out is made at the end of the process, only followed by folding if necessary.

How do we do it? The cut is made using a die, which has sharp metal rules placed into a hand or laser cut block in the shape of your design. The sheet is then fed through a machine which applies pressure between the cutter and cylinder giving you your finished shape.

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Accu-Shape Die Cutting

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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