Market Size of Single Piece Die Cut Box Packaging Market, Forecast Report 2017 – 2025

Today’s consumer is impatient, and demand lot many varieties. Customization in packaging is driving the sales growth. Boxes share major part of the retail packaging market. As the customer demanding convenient and cost optimum packaging, solution lies in customization. Die cut boxes are made by cutting plane paper or plastic cardboard sheets on die presses or die cut machines. These single piece boxes can be given any shape and size according to customer requirements. After processing through die cut presses these boxes can be printed, labelled and decorated.

Single piece die cut boxes can be used in food and beverage to pack bakery sweets, pizzas, wine bottles, vegetables etc. In ecommerce and logistics these are used to pack gifts, antiques, apparels, shoes, electronic items like watches and cell phones. In pharmaceuticals these boxes are used to pack medicines. These can be used in cosmetics & personal care. Single piece die cut boxes market is growing rapidly. Growing ecommerce & logistics sector influencing the need for single piece die cut box packaging.

Single Piece Die Cut Box Packaging Market: Dynamics,Segmentation,Regional outlook And Key players

Today packaging is not just about storage, ease of handling and transporting goods from one location to other. The whole packaging concept moved to another level of packaging, i.e. consumer attraction & sales promotion. The logistics & ecommerce players constantly looking for ways to cut down shipping costs and to increase profit margins. Single piece die cut boxes serves this purpose the best. Shipping space wastage can be reduced in air cargo, trucks, rails and cars using these boxes. Although these boxes cost more compared to standard boxes, in shipping they save a bundle.

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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