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Die Cut Material
Chapter 1: What is Die Cutting?
Die cutting is the mass fabrication of cut-out shapes by shearing a stock material such as paper and chipboard using tooling called a die. A die is a specialized tool used in manufacturing to cut or shape a material fitted into a press. It has sharp edges used to pierce the material; it contains the custom two-dimensional shape of the finished part. The die cutting process works in the same principle as the cookie cutter where the dough is cut into smaller sizes. Examples of materials which can be die cut are paper, fabric, rubber, fiberglass, metal sheets, and plastic.

Die cutting started in the mid-19th century to modernize the shoemaking industry. Before die cutting was invented, manual labor was utilized to outline and cut the soles of the shoes by hands. This process required more time and manpower while the rate of production was low. The invention of die cutting resolved these problems in the industry. Patterns were made allowing shoemakers to replicate and standardize the sizes of the soles. Through years of discovery, die cutting had extended to revolutionize other industries and it is still evolving to cater to increasing demand and in making more complex designs. Today, this method is widely used in the manufacturing sector such as packaging, consumer goods, and automotive industries. Applications of die cutting can even be found in our homes and offices.

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Accu-Shape Die Cutting

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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