Rotary Dies

Improved performance with fast production and delivery times make flexible dies the go-to choice for rotary diecutting.

The rotary die segment of the label converting industry is influenced by the trends making headlines and affecting the industry as a whole. In particular, the proliferation of digital printing, automation, and the demand for fast turnaround time from converters’ are all playing significant roles in the development of rotary dies and tooling.

Die and tooling manufacturers in the label industry have also had to contend with new requirements and regulations put in place in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Front and center amid this “new normal” are the service and support departments of leading die makers. Label converters rely on these companies as much as any other supplier in order to complete jobs on schedule while maintaining standards for high quality.

L&NW caught up with the label industry’s top rotary die and tooling suppliers to learn about not only what’s new, but also how these “essential” manufacturers are adjusting to evolving label converter needs.

Kocker + Beck
At Kocher + Beck, the continued move towards digital and hybrid printing platforms are playing a key role in the industry’s move as a whole to flexible dies and magnetic cylinders.

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Accu-Shape Die Cutting

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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