What is die in manufacturing?

Dies is a machine tool used in many manufacturing industries to cut metal in the desired shape or for cutting threads on the outside surface on pipe, round rods, etc. Threads of proper size are cut in the dies which are chamfered from one side up to a certain length which facilitates to start of a thread.

The purpose of using die stock is because it is operated by hand. These are made of high carbon steel, high-speed steel, and alloy steel. These are made of circular and square shapes.

Generally dies are classified according to their use like stamping dies are used in press working, casting dies used in molding processes, and drawing dies are used in the manufacture of wires.

Types of Dies
For different purposes, mainly the following types of dies are used:

  1. Simple die
  2. Compound Die
  3. Transfer Die
  4. Progressive die
  5. Multiple die
  6. Combination die
  7. Round split Die
  8. Adjustable Die
  9. Die Nut
  10. Die Plate
  11. Pipe Die
  12. Acron Die

1 Simple Die:

Simple die or single operation die designed to perform only a single operation of each stroke of the press slide. Simple die can be further classified according to the functions such as cutting and forming.

Cutting dies are used in operations like trimming, notching, blanking and more. The forming die used in bending, and curling etc.

2 Compound Die:

A compound die performs multiple operations like cut or punch can be done in one stroke. For example, it can perform cutting and forming operations simultaneously in one stroke. This very effective method for high-volume parts. Compound dies are used to stamp simple flat parts like washers.

The compound die is shown in the figure. It has a spring and punches at both ends. The upper part of the punch is connected to the ram and comes in contact between metal and pierce the hole. As punch moves downward the spring compresses after a certain range and the lower punch moves upward and cuts the hole.


Accu-Shape Die Cutting

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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