Die-cutting is the sophisticated process of machining flexible materials for industrial applications. It involves feeding a web of material through a shearing chamber, where cutting components will either perforate shapes into the fabric or cut the material down to size. It is regularly applied in the thermal insulation sector to form sealants such as die-cut gaskets.

A die-cut gasket is a heat-resistant mechanical seal that is compressed between two components to fill voids, reduce leakage, and prevent abrasion during critical industrial processes. They are typically formed from heat-resistant textiles that may be coated with polymer-based solutions to enhance their thermal and mechanical properties. This complex mechanical architecture is desirable over stiffer materials as it offers a degree of flexibility, allowing the die-cut gasket to deform upon application and provide improved sealing properties – particularly where contact between components may be irregular.

Ductility and heat-resistance are the two most fundamentally important characteristics for manufacturing die-cut gaskets, and the temperature requirements vary widely depending upon the application specifications of the component.

High-performance Coated Fabrics are regularly fabricated into die-cut gaskets, with a multiplicity of mechanical benefits and customizable capacities. Our baseline silicone-coated fiberglass textile features a continuous use limit of 232°C (450°F), with a refractory fabric option of silicone-coated silica offering temperature resistances of up to 982°C (1800°F).

Die-cut gaskets must be manufactured to entirely bespoke parameters to ensure that components perform under unique conditions, providing resistance to potential shearing forces, thermal distortion, and chemical corrosion. Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. is committed to vertical integration, to ensure that customers receive die-cut gaskets that exceed their expectations and operate with minimal maintenance for extended service lives.


Accu-Shape Die Cutting

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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