What Causes a Blown Head Gasket

Nearly everyone has heard the words “head gasket” at some point in their life, but nowhere near that many people actually know what one is or what it does. The head gasket is a seal that lives between the engine block and cylinder heads. It creates a seal to contain the internal combustion processes taking place and prevents coolant and oil from mixing in the engine.

When a head gasket starts to go bad, it can cause all sorts of other problems with the engine and exhaust systems. Any number of things can cause the head gasket to fail, from age to an overheated engine, to even a poorly installed gasket itself! No matter the cause, the problem requires immediate attention—ATTENTION, THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

The Drive’s researchers and editors have been through the ringer with blown head gaskets before. We can tell you that taking your vehicle to a professional is the best way to get your head gasket issue diagnosed and either have a new one installed the right way or, well, learning you need a new car. Even so, we’re excited to share details on what causes head gasket failure and what you can do when you have problems with yours.

What Can Cause a Blown Head Gasket?
One of the best ways to prevent a catastrophic head gasket failure is to keep your car at the proper coolant levels. But even when properly filled and maintained, an overheating engine can occur and blow your head gasket!

Warped or Cracked Block or Head
An engine that has overheated can warp or crack due to the way heat distorts and changes metals. This can change the way the head gasket seals, which can lead to leaks.

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