What is Die Cutting for Manufacturing?

Custom die cutting services facilitate the delegation of technical and costly precision cutting to custom cutting professionals, allowing manufacturers and businesses to focus on scaling their operations. A tailored die cutting service from an experienced contract manufacturer will quickly and precisely shape materials and specialty fabrics with exceptional accuracy, typically within a 0.01-inch cutting tolerance, without ever sacrificing quality or performance.

Die cutting services enable manufacturers to create virtually any kind of shape, design, or pattern, using nearly any type of material, offering great versatility across a huge range of applications. The die cutting process can be applied to create a diverse range of products including IT hardware, aerospace, and military products, electronics, and high-tech composites for law enforcement.

Breaking Down The Die Cutting Manufacturing Process
Before we dive deeper into the specific die cutting manufacturing processes, let’s clearly define what die cutting is. Industrial die cutting refers to the fabrication process that utilizes advanced specialized machines and techniques to convert raw materials into finished custom shapes and designs. Die cutting methods work best for high-volume, repeated runs since there is usually a hefty upfront investment to acquire the die.

Manufacturers and businesses can partner with the right custom cutting service provider to leverage any of the main die cutting manufacturing processes to quickly and efficiently shape and cut a range of varying materials.

Flat Bed Die Cutting Process
The flat bed die cutting process, also referred to as steel rule die cutting, is a fabrication process that utilizes a flatbed die cutting press and steel dies to cut raw materials into custom shapes and designs. This specific type of die cutting process is most suitable for custom cutting projects processing thicker materials (over ⅛ inch) as it is capable of exerting high pressures. Flat bed die cutting is one of the die cutting processes that is helpful for completing small orders or short production runs efficiently as they can operate in batch or semi-batch production. Keep in mind, however, this is not the only die cutting process that can produce small orders.

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Accu-Shape Die Cutting

Accu-Shape Die Cutting

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